• May 7 2022 - 08:56
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Student of Qom University of Medical Sciences Recognized as an IFIA Inv Member

In accordance with the decision of the Executive Committee Members for the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) on February 4, 2020, an enactment was approved in order to grant membership to qualified inventors worldwide.

Therefore, IFIA grants a limited number of qualified inventors the title of Inv as well as the membership in IFIA on the basis of the amount and quality of activities every year. This title, as the most important title in the field of inventions around the world, is awarded only to inventors whose inventions are evaluated and approved according to the three characteristics of "innovative invention", "thoughtful action", and "benefit to humanity".

Thanks to the numerous activities and inventions of Mr. Arian Ghamkhar Roudposhti in the field of medical sciences, the title of Inv was awarded to him by order of the Chairman of IFIA, Professor Michael Esuta, and Senior Managers.


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