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Charter of Ethics

QUSM Charter of Ethics
1. Since it is of primary goals for the establishment of Qom School of Medicine to meet the patients needs and to foster respect for the dignity of the person, it is also the first principle for the school and all its affiliated institutions to tribute people in the administrative system and all the members of staff base their entire activities on offering the patients with their best services.

2. To reach the eminent goal of dignifying people, we have deeply focused on the long-term strategy of maintaining and promoting the public health in physical, mental, social and spiritual dimensions and we hope whereby we could do part of our duty upon providing and promoting the citizens sanitation.

3. When meeting a patient, we are all required to follow ethics and courtesy. We also believe that all the needed services should be offered to patients without any expectation and we should avoid them getting confused through giving necessary guidelines. We have to create a sound environment so that the patients would leave the hospital with good memories.

4. We are highly aware of the fact that the Islamic Shariah (religious edicts) as well as the Hippocratic Oath, organizational mission statement of the faculty, the patients charter of rights, the current instructions and direction given by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education along with the aware conscience of all serving staff at the School of Medicine and all its affiliated institutions are all together based on human respect and tribute. We too put these instructions ahead of us and hope to act and perform according to them.

5. We believe we should patiently and carefully listen to the patients and their requests and do our best to respond. We should also behave kindly and calmly so that the interacting atmosphere would indicate mutual respect and trust.

6. In order to do an efficient job subject to organizational rules and regulations with pace, preciseness and accuracy, we believe in refraining from all kinds of organizational corruptions such as patronage or graft and to take legal actions against abuse of position and power. We are deeply confident that accomplishing our tasks according to approved methods and based on regulations will avoid problem occurrence and will certainly result in client satisfaction.

7. In order to create a clean and friendly environment in the school of medicine and its subordinate sections, we believe we must abstain from rumoring, scandal, backbiting, snitching and any kind of action which may demoralize friendship and trust but rather to comply with attributes such as secrecy, honesty, amour, serving humans and helping the poor in our career. We should also try to improve the sense of responsibility and responding to patients and accompany the organization in achieving its goals by using our organizational power and authority in a true way.

8. We believe that all individuals in close relationship with patients and aware of their medical records must follow the privacy policy and avoid revealing these documents to and unauthorized section/division.

9. All the members of staff are required to dress suitably with medical profession and Islamic society and culture inside the campus and all subordinate sections. Smoking as a main cause of cancer and other diseases is prohibited in patients sight and office space.

10. Believing in the preference and priority of prevention to treatment and considering the incredible effects of notifying and informing on maintaining and promoting the public and individual health, we (the managers, experts and staff members at Qom University of Medical Sciences) are about to regard this principle in our short-term, mid-term and long-term planning so we could apply these items in theoretical and practical dimensions and take strong and proper steps in providing and promoting public and individual health.