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Why study at the Qom?

Based on the evidence of the history of Qom city, it returns to the Sassanid period, but the most important event in Qom history is the Islamization of its people.

The city of Qom is a well-known religious city in the world. The grave of one of the infallible people, Hazrat Fatemah Masoumeh(AS), is located in this city.



The province is located between the three industrial poles of the country (Tehran, Markazi and Isfahan provinces), which has provided a special place for this region, and now it has the potential to develop the industrial sector. According to the latest statistics, about 900 large and small industrial units are located in this city including 47% belong to the chemical industry, 14% to the textile and dyeing industry, 8% to the food industry, 7% to the metal industry, 3% to the electrical industry, 1% cellulose, 4% and 1% leather industries.


This province has more than one million and one hundred thousand people. Historically, Qom has an important cultural and social role in the history and civilization of Iran and the development of religious culture. And now, Qom province is considered one of the main centers of education and training of researchers and students due to their position. The presence of thousands from around the world in various areas in the province confirms this issue.


It is considered to be the second province in the field of publishing and printing in Iran. The publication of about 80 religious, cultural, research and artistic publications in this province is a sign of scientific ability and cultural growth. In terms of public, specialized and personal libraries, it is one of the country's richest centers, which plays a very important role in the culture of reading in the community.

In Qom province, with over 30 teaching and university centers and more than 72,000 students, it has an acceptable level of education and research in Iran.



The most important factor affecting the economy of Qom province and the tourism industry is the presence of the Shrine of the Holy Lady Hazrat Fatemah Masoumeh (AS) and other tourist attractions as followed:



Shrine of the Holy Lady Hazrat Fatemah Masoumeh (AS)




Jamkaran Mosque



Timche of the Carpet Bazaar


Hovz-e Soltan Lake