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Qazizade Hashemi posed

Some try to tense up the society against physicians

Minister of health and medical education said some movements provide opportunities for opportunists to tense up the society against them.

According to Public Affairs Office report of Qom university of medical sciences, Seyed Hassan Qazizade Hashemi in Medic Respect Day which had been held at Imams juridical center of Qom on Friday night with emphasis on parliament and presidents support on medic and health in recent two years, stated that various measures have been carried out to support the medical community but there is no codified program in the field of incurable diseases like Cancer till now. He noted Gods healing is the Cancers cure solution but physicians pious activities for Cancer treatment should be appreciate; by the same token the government will establish 200 medical centers for Cancer patients across the country.
Minister of health and medical education mentioned grand Ayatollahs in Qom meeting and said positive people and religious leaders look is admirable and some of these achievements are due to the responsibility of physicians in Qom; physicians trying to take care of Muslims around the world but some movements provide opportunities for opportunists to tense up the society against them.
He continued, there are some disrespect and desecrations against medical community by mass media but according to polls they dedicated a proper place among people.
He stated that physicians have heavy duties and their services are observable in all over the Islamic society. According to peoples view in the past two years, appropriate steps have been taken in the context of resolving the problems of the medical part.
He cited those activities which promote health care in the Qom. He stated that many measures have been made to establish medical and paramedical colleges and many medical beds will be add to medical centers of Qom. In this regard, the land of a thousand-bed hospital identified and implementation of it will begin in the next four months; Also Forghani hospital will be exploit four months later.   

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