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News > Visit of Dr. Ghadir with Qom Governor

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Dr. Mohammad Reza Ghadir, Professor of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, became head of the university

Visit of Dr. Ghadir with Qom Governor

According to the public relations of the university, Dr. Bahram Sarmast, Qom Governor, congratulated to Dr. Ghadir for his appointment as the head of Qom University of Medical Sciences and he wished him all success in his future endeavor. Dr. Ghadir is an acclaimed and well-known person in Qom province who is well-versed in health issues.


He also appreciated the efforts of Dr. Iranikhah, as former the Dean of the university, and said he has worked hard for the province for many years in health issues, and we appreciate all his efforts.


Qom Governor emphasized the expansion of health tourism, development of health infrastructure, and attention of education. He also said that Qom province should seek development in the field of health care and plan to improve the existing situation.


Dr. Ghadir said I am fully acquainted with Qom health situation and with the help of all organizations, especially the Governor, we will strive to improve and make the existing situation better.


He said Dr. Iranikhah tried hard for developing heath in the province and we hope to complete his work and try to finalize the programs.


The head of Qom University of Medical Sciences said that paying attention to the issues of treatment, food and drug, education, research, and health are important. So, development and promotion are on the agenda.


Dr. Ghadir pointed to the presence of international patients from other countries in Qom province and said the development of health tourism is an important field in Qom and we will work with other institutions to improve this situation.


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