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The new head of Qom University of Medical Sciences was introduced in a ceremony.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

In a ceremony with the presence of deputy of Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Training and some members of the Iranian parliament, Dr. IraniKhah, the former Head of Qom University of Medical Sciences was thanked and Dr. Ghadir was introduced as the new head.

According to the report of the public relations office of the Qom University of Medical Sciences, in this ceremony, Dr. IraniKhah said the responsibility is a great divine trust that we believe it and we have taken action on this basis for 6 years.

The former head of Qom University of Medical Sciences added it was a great honor that I was responsible in Qom province and work in this holy city so that I could make up for the shortcomings in the citys health.

He said 5,000 staff are involved in different areas of health, treatment, and medical training in Qom and they are working together to improve services to the province and to reform defective health infrastructure in the province.

Dr. IraniKhah said developing hospital infrastructure and promoting the level of health conditions and establishing justice in health and treatment received special attention. Also, providing health services to the most remote areas of the province was another priority.

Referring to the Health System Evolution Plan, the former head added: This plan created hope in developing the health and treatment infrastructures.

Referring to the completion of the operational procedure of Nekuyi-Hedayati-Forghani and Shohada hospitals, he said despite all the problems, both hospitals were put into operation on time.

He also said the establishment of the Faculty of Religion and Health was among the most important missions in the province that in recent years, proportionate to the provincial capacity, some specialized courses were developed.

Offering congratulations to Dr. Ghadir, as the new head of the Qom University of Medical Sciences, he said: Dr. Ghadir is one of the scientific people of the province who will work hard to organize future work in the field of health

In this ceremony, Dr. Ghadir said one of the most important issues is supporting the private sector which is top in our agenda and we’ll do our best in this regard.

The head of the University also added we need to support the investment of the private sector and remove the obstacles in the way in this regard.

Emphasizing the spirit of vitality and happiness, he said the most important problem of the health system is the lack of motivation of human resources and we are trying to eliminate the lack of motivation.

Promoting the quality of training, welfare affairs of the staff, organizing of the resources, improving the productivity of the hospitals and improving emergency services, etc. are the priorities in his work plans.


The head of the University emphasized I am fully aware of the issues in the health and treatment area and we’ll do the best in solving the problems.






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