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A Patient’s Attendant Assaulted Emergency Team and Damaged Public Properties

A patient’s attendant in Qom assaulted the emergency team and damaged an ambulance for some excuses.
As reported by the press, on Friday Jan. 6 at 14:38, a person living in Karimi Blvd. in Bonyad district calls the emergency center (115) to report weak conditions of one of his relatives and asks for emergency services.

Considering the high number of emergency missions on Fridays and that all other ambulances from four stations nearby were on mission, the call center commanded an ambulance in Saburi Station (located in Muallem Sq.) at 14:40. Heavy traffic and the considerable distance caused a delay and the ambulance (code 9553)could make it there by 14:53.
Having arrived at the address, a relative of the patient begins to assault the emergency team with worst possible words and shameful phrases and then, using an iron shaft, starts shattering and whacking the ambulance. Police enters, the incident ends, and the ambulance is transferred to repair garage.
The ambulance was so damaged that it would not be able to continue missions before being completely repaired and will be temporarily out of service.
It should be noted that after the incident, this person takes the patient to Ayatullah Golpayegani Hospital and as declared by hospital officials, the patient is in normal and stabled condition.
As reported by the emergency call center (115), while the ambulance was on its way, this guy keeps calling the center and every time begins assaulting operators with shameful phrases and using foul language and asking them to send the ambulance faster. Technicians in the transportation section in emergency department estimated damages to the ambulance over $ 1000.
A law suit was filed by the request of the Emergency Center in Qom and the personnel of the 9553 ambulance. Prosecution will begin soon. 




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