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Self-medication on Anti-Biotic will Increase Seasonal Flu Risk

No infections for Flu Type A has been detected in Qom. 

As reported by the press in Qom, the Dean of Qom University of Medical Sciences mentioned the beginning of winter and increase in risk of seasonal flu due to low care on sanitation and cold weather. He further added: “the disease began at schools but decreased as students and parents are instructed how to prevent it.
Dr. Hejazi noted that to refer to hospitals in the first place will only increase the crowd and the risk of infections. Therefore he asked families to first visit a physician’s office or a clinic in case the symptoms (high fever and coughing) appear and then on physician’s advice refer to Fatima Ma’suma Hospital.
He noticed that currently all 185 beds at Fatima Ma’suma Hospital are occupied and thus the children section at Golpayegani Hopsital and Ali ibn Abi Talib Hospital will provide pediatric services.
Dr. Hejazi noticed that all medical capacities are used to offer health care services to the infected people. He then added: “to offer more services, the clinical sections at Al-Zahra Hospital and Shahid Beheshti Hospital are also ready to provide health care services”.
According to Dr. Hejazi, no Flu Type A infection has yet been detected in Qom Province. “Individual hygiene, regular hand washing, avoiding physical contact and touch in greetings, and not using other people’s stuff are greatly important in preventing seasonal flue”. He added. He strongly recommended families to avoid self-medication on anti-biotic.
Dr. Hejazi indicated that self-medication on anti-biotic will empower the virus already inside one’s body and that pharmacies are not allowed to sell anti-biotic over the counter.

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