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200 inactive beds activated in Shahid Beheshti Hospital due to increase in workforce
The dean of Qom University of Medical Sciences said that 200 inactive beds in Shahid Beheshti Hospital have been activated thanks to the contracts made with the new workforce.
 13:24 - 25/10/2010 - Comments : 0More >>
A Tribute on the Holy Defense Week in Hadhrat Ma’soumeh Educational Hospital
At the same time with the Holy defense Week, a tribute on the martyrs of the eight years of the imposed war was held in Hadhrat Ma’soumeh Educational Hospital.
 13:20 - 25/10/2010 - Comments : 0More >>
The Gathering of Leaders of Congregational Prayer at Qom University of Medical Sciences
The gathering of clergies in health care centers and the leaders of congregational prayer at QUMS was held.
 13:17 - 25/10/2010 - Comments : 0More >>
A Research on Pregnancy Care Index in Qom Province
A research project on pregnancy care index in was conducted in Qom Province using IMES
 13:16 - 25/10/2010 - Comments : 0More >>
Qom University of Medical Sciences takes part in the Exhibit Contributing the Memory of the Martyrs of the 8 Years of Imposed War.
At the same time with the Defense Week, Forqan Exhibit is held in cooperation with the Qom University of Medical Sciences.
 17:13 - 28/09/2010 - Comments : 0More >>

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