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Qom parliamentarians visit of construction projects of university of medical sciences
Todays morning two members of the Islamic Consultative assembly visited air rescue base, Amiralmomenin hospital and radio therapy center which are under construction .
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On the first day of the Governments week
Naming one part of Beheshti hospital to medical community veteran of Qom
Beheshti hospital maternity ward named to doctor Riahipour to appreciate his several years medical services for province.
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Governors visit of Nekouie-Hedayati and Kamkar-Arabnia hospitals
The Governor of Qom visited the Nekouie-Hedayati and Kamkar-Arabnia hospitals and observed the process of providing services of them
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Minister of health appreciation of the best Qom physicians
Seyed Hassan Qazizade Hashemi –Minister of health and medical education – appreciated the best Qom physicians because of the Medic day.
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Qazizade Hashemi posed
Some try to tense up the society against physicians
Minister of health and medical education said some movements provide opportunities for opportunists to tense up the society against them.
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President of Qom university of medical sciences announced
The cost of 19 billion dollars for the realization of health system reform plan
President of Qom university of medical sciences states that during one and a half recent year, 19 billion dollars have been spent for the realization of health system reform plan of Qom...
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Take enough rest during illness for there is a direct contact between resting and body immune system. The more rest you get, the better your body fights the disease. In case you are infected with cold or flu, let your body recover by resting and having warm drinks as well as boiled meals. Avoid having sweet meals or dairy.

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