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The Center of Clinical Skills
This center is equipped for the medical students and relevant majors. Being among the best equipped ones, it practically prepares the students of clinical sciences to face up real situations and deal with patients.

Language Learning Center
Considering the importance and significance of training English language skills to students, professors, faculty members and the staff members at this university, this center is provided and equipped to hold English classes in different levels.

Labs at School of Medicine
The School of Medicine includes biochemical, microbiological, parasitological, histological, pathological, genetic and physiological laboratories. The autopsy hall is also used by professors and students in relevant courses.

Labs at School of Health
Different academic groups at School of Health use the labs and educational workshops among which are: Laboratory for physical detriments at workplace, laboratory for chemical detriments at workplace, laboratory of Ergonomics and work medicine, laboratory of Entomology and carriers, workshop on Hydraulics and fluid mechanics, workshop on Cartography, workshop on installing and operating motor pump, workshop on plumbing and centers for supplying data.

All schools and teaching hospitals are equipped with high-speed internet so that all professors and students can access the most recently updated websites related to medical sciences.

Each school and teaching hospital owns a specialized library. Therefore, academic groups fill their libraries with the books professors need.

Journal of Qom University of Medical Sciences
This is an academic journal graded by the Commission for Journals at Ministry of Health and Medical Education. It publishes the academic and research essays and abstracts in various courses of medical sciences and relevant majors. This journal is currently indexed by many of world well known websites. The essays in this journal can be accessed online at http://journal.muq.ac.ir.

The publications office at Qom University of Medical Sciences publishes the books written and presented by their respective authors after being examined and verified by the Board of Publications at university. Several publications are listed below:

- An Introduction to Academic Bibliography, Alipour Nadooshan, Khadijeh
- An Introduction to Triage, Karimi Rahjerdi Hassan
- The Principles of Nutrition for the ICU Hospitalized Patients, Honarmand. Azim - Safavi, Sayyed Mohammad Reza - Hejazi, Sayyed Shamsoddin
- Sewage Purification: Concepts and Methods. Translated by: Izanloo. Hassan (MD) - Mohammad Ali Zezooli.
- Nursing Interventions in Unusual Status of Arterial Blood Gas (ABG). Abbasi. Mohammad - Adeli. Sayyed Hasssan (MD).
- Sanity and the Function of Radioisotopes in Medicine. Mesbah. Ashraf Sadat (MD).
- Renal Calculus. Akhavan Sepahi. Mohsen (MD).
- Vital Records: Concepts and Methods. Tabaraei. Yaser - Amani Firouz (MD).
- Professional First Aid and CPR. Translated by: Mousavi, Sayyed Mojtaba (MD) -
Saidi. Masoumeh.
- Interpreting Tests on Liver Performances. Translated by: Adeli. Sayyed Hassan (MD) - Shaha Hamzeh. Alireza (MD).
- A Guide to Providing and Classifying Research Projects. Darabi. Shamsodin.

Amphitheaters and Assembly Halls
In addition to seminar halls at schools, Shahid Mofateh Assembly Hall with the capacity of 300 and Shahid Ahadi Hall with the capacity of more than 50 people are used to hold seminars, academic congresses and speech sessions. Continuous training courses for physicians and the employee of relevant professions to update their knowledge and regular academic workshops for professors and students as well as different ceremonies on various occasions are also hold in these halls. Shahid Motahhari Annual Congress along with introducing successful faces of research and education in the country in Annual Research Festival (in Research Week) are listed in universitys work calendar as regular programs.

Academic Congresses
Along with educational activities, Qom University of Medical Sciences pays special attention to the concept of research particularly in recent years. The process of enabling researches, encouraging researchers and essay writers as well as quality and quantity increase in number of faculty members were some of methods used to promote this university in the field of research. Holding various academic congresses was among the measures taken toward this goal of which the 3 congresses in 2007 and 2008 prove this point:
1. The National Congress of Islamic Medicine, Jun. 2007
2. The National Congress of Environment Protection and Rural Sustainable Development Mar. 2007, in cooperation with Iranian Organization of Environment Protection.
3. The 2nd Congress of Medical Ethics May. 2008. In cooperation with Iranian Medical Society of Basij (Mobilized Forces).



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