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Deputy Office for Health: Introduction, Structure and Job Description
As a subdivision of Qom University of Medical Sciences, Deputy Office for Health makes policies and schedule health programs as well as controlling and observing health units. It is noticing that health care centers within the province and all subordinate towns are merged.

Job Description
- Health care planning based on governmental policies and local needs for different age,
sex and work groups as well as public locations.
- Providing and categorizing suitable strategies for each program
- Doing research on different health issues
- Serving-time training for the staff
- Evaluating programs when necessary, making amendments and eliminating obstacles.
- Holding technical, supportive, intersection and outer-section sessions.

Human Resources
Employees holding undergraduate, post-graduate and doctorate degrees serve in technical groups. Furthermore, members of staff in supportive units holding undergraduate degree, associate degree, diploma or lower degrees do assigned jobs according to desired goals mentioned in job description at Qom Health Center.



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