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Introducing the Deputy Office for Student & Culture Affairs
This office as the section responsible for the culture and welfare at university has been formed for the sake of creating appropriate backgrounds to promote the quantity and quality of services along with executing plans and as well as cultural and advisory programs.
Applying todays technology and knowledge along with strategic planning and using the potential facilities as well as regarding Islamic values and human respect, this office tries to reach the following goals:

1. Raising the manifestation of faith to a higher level through individual and social behavior at university.
2. Promoting the quality of cultural, welfare, athletic and advisory services to desired level.
3. Expanding the students cooperation in cultural, welfare, advisory and psychological fields.
4. Promoting physical, mental and social sanity of students
5. Promoting life skills for students
6. Better using of technology in offering cultural, welfare and advisory services.

The following are some of the tasks and authorities of this office:
- Controlling and supervising cultural and extracurricular affairs, physical education and social activities at university.
- Observing welfare affairs, health care system, nutrition and student dormitories
- Making decisions on students disciplinary matters.
- Guiding all affairs related to university development in cultural and student dimensions.
- Membership in university councils.

Culture and Student Management
This office is the second in command at Deputy Office for Culture and Student Affairs and acts in all the above mentioned affairs.
In addition to direct action in all mentioned affairs, this office closely monitors all activities of subordinate offices as well as culture and student affairs.



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