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Faculty of Medicine


The Faculty of Medicine was established after being ratified by the Council of Developing Medical Universities in 2003 and the final agreement in 2004. The first admitted students were in fall 2004. Finally and since requested by the Dean of Faculty of Medicine, the Council for Developing Medical Universities voted for promoting the faculty to Qom University of Medical Sciences in 2004. This is considered a turning point in health care activities in Qom Province and prepare the grounds for major changes in the future. 
This faculty is trying to provide the best quality of education for its students by using it's experienced faculty members and also the professors of basic sciences of some of the medical universities. The significant success of the students in the comprehensive tests of basic sciences confirms this claim.
By selecting and recruiting academic members and using experienced masters, Medicine Faculty of Qom trains graduates who have the ability to diagnose and heal the diseases and be aware of social issues and learn to sympathize with people. In this way, the faculty provides the necessary conditions to advance the educational goals by providing the physical space with the necessary equipment and facilities for education and research.


Contact us:

Adress: Pardis Campus, Ghadir Blvd, Qom, Iran

Tel: +98 25 33209071

P.O. box: 3736175513