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An Introduction to Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Medicine is a part of Qom University of Medical Sciences which is responsible for training medical students.


Qom University of Medical Sciences was established in 1996 at the same time with the City of Qom becoming a Province. Before that, the university was an affiliated unit of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. The final agreement of the Ministry of Public Health, Medical Care and Medical Education to create faculties of health and nursery was announced. In 1997, the faculty officially began to work by admitting students BA in nursery.

The Faculty of Medicine was established after being ratified by the Council of Developing Medical Universities in 2003 and the final agreement in 2004. The first admitted students were in fall 2004. Finally and since requested by the Dean of Faculty of Medicine, the Council for Developing Medical Universities voted for promoting the faculty to Qom University of Medical Sciences in 2004.

This is considered a starting point in health care activities in Qom Province and can be a background for major changes of the future.  



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