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Faculty of Health



Faculty of Health began its activities by admitting students for an associate degree in Environmental Health in Feb. 1999. In the academic year of 2003-2004 students were admitted for Associates degree in Occupational Health. Thereafter and in Feb. 2005 students for BS in Environmental Health were admitted and began their courses.
Afterward, this faculty started to admit students for BS in environmental health and BS in public health in October 2008. With the effort of the authorities, this faculty started to admit students for MSc in environmental health and for BS in occupational health in October 2010. It started to admit students for MSc in health education and promotion in October 2014. This faculty has the honor that most of its students have been admitted in entrance exams of Ph.D. and MSc and non-continuous BS in different majors, and it is a confirmation of the success of continuous efforts of faculty members and masters.
Currently, this faculty is doing its activities in an acceptable way by more than 21 members and 500 students and some invited masters. In recent years by providing new and very appropriate and advanced educational and Educational assistance equipment, the laboratories of this faculty are well equipped, and they are prepared In order to provide more services in the fields of education and research.
This faculty is responsible for teaching students in various fields of health sciences, carrying out scientific research in health and related fields, conducting scientific and educational seminars and conferences, and providing health and medical services.
Developing the physical space of the faculty and providing new majors and graduate courses; completing academic members, expanding educational and Educational assistance equipment and facilities, Continuous efforts to improve quality of presented training in faculty are some of the Objectives specified for the faculty to achieve in its future.
Academic groups: Environmental Health engineering, Professional Health engineering, Public Health




Majors of study


 Environmental Health (BS, MSc)


 Professional Health (BS)


 Public Health (BS)