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Faculty of paramedicine

Following the policies which made by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education toward localization of student admission in some medical majors; the School of Paramedicine began its activities in 2008. This school admits in 4 majors of study for BS and Associates degree.

Regarding the development and expansion of localized courses and with a promoting process, this school is confident to add to the 4 number of academic majors and courses.




Academic groups: Laboratory sciences, Operating Room, Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine


Majors of study:


 Laboratory sciences (BS)


Operating Room (BS/ non-continuous BS)


Anesthesia (BS/ non-continuous BS)


Emergency Medicine (Associates degree, non-continuous BS)


Contact us:

Adress: Pardis Campus, Ghadir Blvd, Qom, Iran

Tel: +98 25 33209071


P.O. box: 3736175513