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Tasks and Authorities

A.      Ratifying the domestic bylaw of the university

B.      Ratifying the organization of the university based on regulations suggested by the related ministries in arrangement with the National Management and Planning Organization and ratified by the High Council of Cultural Revolution

C.      Considering and ratifying the budget of the university proposed by the dean

D.      Ratifying the detailed budget

E.       Ratifying the transaction and annual balance sheets

F.       Ratifying the method used for collect private incomes as well as the way to consume them

G.     Assigning audit for the university     

H.      Making effort towards absorbing assets by the private sector and local profits whether through financial contributions or contributions in terms of equipments and building regarding the regulations ratified by the High Council of Cultural Revolution

I.        Ratifying financial bylaws executable after being confirmed by the related ministry

J.        Suggesting overwork salary for the faculty and non-faculty members (specialists and technicians) which may be applied after being confirmed by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Public Health, Medical Care and Medical Education

K.      Deciding on how to administer and deal with production units as well as units active in terms of providing services and those active as workshops and health care centers through a framework to be ratified by the cabinet

L.       Deciding on the amount of research fees, teacher’s hourly-rated pay, translator’s fees, author’s fees and etc

M.    Evaluating the reports represented by the dean

N.     Ratifying the employment regulations concerning the faculty members executable after being confirmed by the related ministry.   




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