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About the Firm

Following the promotion of the Qom Health Care Unit to the Faculty of Medical Sciences, a law firm supervised by the dean of the faculty was established in 1996 to preserve and reclaim the rights of the faculty.

As the faculty turned into the Qom University of Medical Sciences in 2004, the range of activities was highly expanded that the firm became a major and strong section of the university to follow and consider all the legal issues.

The firm is involved in all legal affairs concerning the university, all affiliated units (including the deputies, educational offices, faculties) as well as hospitals. The law firm adopts legal actions when necessary.

The actions adopted by the firm includes a range of affairs such as judicial affairs, registration, contracts, auctions, tenders, documents and deeds of the committed and those using the scholarship, correspondence, legal consultation and replying the questions . some of these affairs are briefly followed:

1.       Judicial Affairs

  All judicial cases including legal and criminal cases and all those filed for or against the university and its affiliated offices are dealt with in this office.




2.       Contracts   

Includes primary correspondence, receiving agreements on both sides, adjusting the conditions and related documents with regulations and legal necessities as well as preparing and registering contracts and further follow ups.

3.       Tenders and Auctions

After receiving the requests and correspond them with regulations, the following procedure is preceded: providing the conditions depending on the subject of auction or tender, providing necessary information such as online announcement and press announcements in cooperation with affiliated units and finally taking part in performing the commission on auctions and tenders at university.


4.       Properties

Although not mentioned in the organizational chart of the law firm at the university and considering the fact that major parts of the university properties are endowed and also the necessity of dealing with legal issues concerning the deeds, this office deals with an extensive range of activities related to the properties of the university and takes actions towards providing legal documents and receiving the deeds besides following the legal cases related to the universities in judicial courts.


5.       Legal Counseling and Responding to the Enquires

Major parts of the activities in the law firm at the university relate to responding to the legal enquires asked by the affiliated units.  Colleagues as well as affiliated personnel may ask their enquiries via phone calls or letter correspondence. Replying to enquiries will be applied depending on the subject.




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