Fatemeh Masoumeh Hospital


Fatemeh Masoumeh Center was founded in 1931 under the name Thalassemia Center of Qom. After several years, the name of the hospital changed to the children's hospital, and began its extensive work in 1976.


Hospital wards:

- Infectious ward

- Heart ward

- Neurology ward

- Children ward

- Infants ward

- Internal ward

- Emergency ward



Paraclinical services:

  • - laboratory;
  • - radiology;
  • - sonography;
  • - electrocardiography;
  • - electroencephalography;
  • - endoscopy


In February 2009, the Children's Hospital developed more and began its educational and therapeutic activities with the aim of educating students in various medical fields. This work was supported by the Qom University of Medical Sciences.

Now, the center has presented its specialized activities to the children and infants of the province in the fields of endocrinology, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, neurology, nephrology, cardiology, and oncology. From this point of view, this center is the only Pediatric Reference Hospital in the province.

With the presence of experienced doctors and experts, the hospital's activities are still ongoing.

It should be noted that this hospital is the only free and desirable service center for treatment, counseling and assistance to PKU patients.

In the current situation, this center is divided into 4 floors with 196 beds in an effort to improve the health of the community and to obtain patient satisfaction.


Third floor:

Operating rooms


Second floor:

Infectious ward I

Oncology ward

Surgery ward

NICU ward

Infants ward


First floor:

Infectious ward II

Gastroenterology ward

Nephrology ward

PICU ward


Ground Floor:

Emergency ward

Clinic ward



Contact us:

Address: Imam Khomeini St., Qom, Iran.

Tel: 0098-25-36651801-9
Fax: 0098-25-36650806

Postal Box: 15539-37198
SMS system: 3000722712


Reception time:  24-h

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