Food Health and Safety Councils in Provinces






In all the country's provinces, the Food Health & Safety Council is being held by the Governor General. This council replaces all other councils and committees relating to health and food safety.

The following are the members of the Food Health & Safety Council:

1. The Governor General (Head of Council)

2. The dean of the University of Medical Sciences (Secretary General)

Clause: In provinces with more than one university, the Secretary-General will be assigned by the Minister of Health and Medical Education and the deans of other universities/schools will be a member of the council.

3. The head of Management & Planning Organization in the province.

4. The head of the Education Department in the province.

5. The head of Agricultural Crusade in the province.

6. The Director General of the Commerce Office in the province.

7. The Director General of the Department of Industries & Mines in the province.

8. The head of the Social Security Department in the province.

9. The Chief of Justice Department in the province.

10. The head of IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) in the province.

11. The head of the Environment Protection Organization in the province.

12. The head of Physical Education Department in the province

13. The head of the Iranian Medical Association in the province

14. The commander of law-enforcement in the province

15. Probably concerned organizations

The Food Health & Safety Council in province owns a secretariat located at the University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.

The Health & Food Safety Council in the province: Tasks and Authorities

1. Administering the Ratifications of the High Council

2. Collecting information and prioritizing provincial problems as well as reflecting suggestions related to food health and safety.

3. Examining and ratifying suggestions and strategic planning related to food health and safety, presented by the Qom University of Medical Sciences and Health Services


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