IT and Communications Center


The IT and Communications Center at Qom University of Medical Sciences tries ti improve the software and hardware level of It in the university and also create workshops and training courses to improve the knowledge of the staff.

The major activities of this center during 2003-2007 are divided into 5 parts:

  • Software

  • Hardware

  • Network and Internet

  • Training

  • Observing IT projects

Some of the current projects:

  • ERP

  • Holding technical commissions

  • Holding tenders

  • Helping to set up the software

  • Portal project

  • Improving the knowledge of users through ICDL classes

  • Producing educational CDs

  • Electronic library and teaching various IT subjects

  • Considering the available facilities for E-Learning

  • Study and research to run web-based services such as video conference, teleconference and electronic health

  • Electronic responding to the clients

  • Holding seminars and conferences to improve the center

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