The Dean's Tasks and Authorities

- Observing and controlling the accuracy of educational and research processes, students and culture affairs, administrative, financial and development affairs, academic services and all domestic and international relations of university as well as supervising all sections and responding to higher authorities.

- Designating executive policies of university through academic, educational and research policies.
- Guiding cultural, educational, research, administrative, financial and development activities and affairs within the university.
- Presenting an annual report of the university to the Board of Trustees.
- Assuring the accuracy of current processes at university as well as identifying and following up the possible problems and violations and reporting them to legal authorities.
- Directing the universitys financial and administrative affairs within the ratified regulations.
- Assigning and removing the faculty members (following Clause 1 and 2, Article 4) and the heads of faculties and affiliated institutions as well as the heads of academic groups.
- Executing and administering the ratified codes and regulations of the Ministry.
- Providing and suggesting policies and future goals to be discussed at the Board of Trustees.
- Making suggestions to establish, expand, close or merge the sections into university councils.
- Making suggestions upon academic cooperation with other domestic or foreign academic or research institutions.
- The legal representative of authorities at university.
- Observing the process of regarding codes and regulations (by faculty members, students, staff) within the university.

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