Vice-Presidency for Research and Technology






Vice-President for Research and Technology:

Dr. Ehsan Sharifipour

Assistant Professor of Neurology

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According to the undeniable role of research in constant and comprehensive development, Deputy of Research and Technology of Qom University of Medical Sciences is responsible for providing a proper context for manifesting and appreciating creativity and inventions in order to provide, maintain and promote the health of community, along with policymaking, guidance, monitoring and quantitative and qualitative promotion of research activities of Health area of the province and with respect to Islamic moral values and adherence to the law, justice and popular participation based on the Comprehensive Scientific Map of Iran and health system reform plan and in the form of the fifth development plan.






Duties of the Vice-Presidency for Research and Technology:


Managing and having supervision on proper performance of all research and technology affairs, libraries and databases of university in accordance with the approvals, rules and related regulations


Planning and policymaking in order to promote and increase the level of scientific and international cooperation


Prioritizing innovation in theoretical fields


Applicable researches which are necessary for the country


Developing, strengthening and guiding approved research projects with the priority of purposeful applicable researches and based on Perspective of the Document of development plans and the comprehensive scientific plan of the country


Control and having supervision on university research processes based on the calendar set in the program of approved research projects


Required studies on the evaluation of research activities and evaluating the annual research performance of the university to be presented to the head of the university


Establishing the necessary communication with domestic and foreign institutions in order to cooperate in research affairs and to exchange scientific services


Cooperation for presenting scientific, cultural and social services; holding scientific seminars and conferences; and implementing all service and research contract issues between the university and other institutions


Having cooperation to accomplish short-term research courses for non-university institutions


Planning study opportunities inside and outside of the country for academic members to use in accordance with the approved criteria including university and seminary academic and research centers


Preparing the research program of the university; presenting goals and determining the research priorities in the form of mid-term and long-term programs; supporting the establishment of growth centers, entrepreneurship, and science and technology parks to present at the Research Council of the University


Investigating and evaluating the activities of the Institute within the framework of the country's development plans based on the goals of Perspective Document for Iran and development plans of the country and comprehensive scientific map of the country in the higher education section to be presented in the Management Committee


Identifying and defining joint topics and scientific and research programs; Planning to provide facilities and to allocate necessary credits to scientific and research interaction between seminary and university; and creating an appropriate context for achieving the religious science and Islamic sciences appropriate to the relevant field of expertise.


In addition, the University has five research centers including:

Research Center for Environmental Pollutants

Gastroenterology and Hepatology Disease Research Center

Spiritual Health Research Center

Neuroscience Research Center

Cellular and Molecular Research Center



Research & Technology Manager: 

Dr. Alireza Koohpaei

Associate Professor of Occupational Health Engineering

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