Vice-Presidency for Resources and Management Development






Vice-President for Resources and Management Development:

Dr. Babak Farzinnia

Assistant Professor of Health in Disasters and Emergencies

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Duties of the Vice-Presidency for Resources and Management Development:


Providing and proposing Administrative and financial policies of university to the university council in line with goals of the university and in the form of available terms and conditions


Having supervision on the performance of approved policies in university units


Supervising that Administrative, financial, service and repairing affairs of the university work correctly


Coordinating between university affairs and main duties and responsibilities in order to achieve goals optimal and faster


Participating in financial and administrative commissions, conferences and seminars






Mission statement:

The Vice-Presidency for Resources and Management Development as a part of the body of Qom University of Medical Sciences and Health Services is responsible for attracting human resources development and growth, education, provision; allocating financial credits by moving in line of the principles of social justice, law-abiding, human munificence, Islamic culture and meritocracy; providing physical substructures; offering welfare, legal, technical, and support services; and creating a suitable platform for achieving the goals of the health, treatment and education branches in the province.






The activity fields of the Vice-Presidency for Resources and Management Development include:


Human resources affairs (including occupational design and classification, recruitment, selection, development, Compensation, performance evaluation and retirement)


Education, provision and allocating financial and accounting credits and analysis of expenses


Provision of physical substructures including maintenance and development


Equipment and machinery


Legal affairs and contracts


Technical affairs


Affairs of all support services of the university and assignments



In summary, the final goal of the deputy is to facilitate and support the educational, research, health and medical activities of the university in order to achieve a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency and to ensure about following the rules and regulations, and finally, to move towards the realization of the Islamic University.








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