Why Study in Qom?


Due to the Holy Shrine of Fatemah Masoumeh (AS), Qom is a well-known religious city in the world. This province is one of the metropolitan cities located in the center of

Iran and has more than one million and one hundred thousand people. Historically, Qom has an important cultural and social role in the history and civilization of Iran and the development of religious culture.

Now, Qom province is considered one of the main centers of educating and training of researchers and students due to its position. The presence of hundreds of immigrants from all over the world confirms this issue.

In addition, the presence of some international scientific centers, e.g.Al-Mustafa International University, illustrate the role of Qom in the international fields.

It is also considered to be the second province in the field of publishing and printing in Iran. The publication of a lot of religious, cultural, research and artistic publications in this province is a sign of scientific ability and cultural growth.

There are many public, specialized and personal libraries in Qom (e.g.Library of AyatullahMara’shiNajafi) that indicate it is one of the country's richest centers and plays a very important role in the promotion of the culture of book reading.


The most important factor affecting the economy of Qom province and the tourism industry is the presence of the Holy Shrine of Fatemah Masoumeh (AS) and other tourist attractions as followed:


The Holy Shrine of Fatemah Masoumeh (AS)


Jamkaran Mosque


Timche of the Carpet Bazaar


Hovz-e Soltan Lake


We are proud to emphasize that during studies and through an integrated approach, our students acquire subject knowledge, skills, and competencies for their future job activity, as well as the ability of independent thinking, critical evaluation, problem-solving skills and the ability to deal with development and scientific work, while respecting the highest ethical standards. Apart from the quality of the educational process and the pleasant study environment, studying in Qom is really enjoyable for the various religious and social activities.