Vice-Presidency for Health



Vice-President for Health:

Dr. Siamak Mohebi
Associate Professor of Health Education and Promotion

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Duties of the Vice-Presidency for Health:

Health is considered as one of the axes of justice and communities development in all social, economic, political and human dimensions. The role of the government in planning, supporting and attracting people's participation in the promotion and maintenance of health is clearly evident.

Therefore, offering complete health services with a good quality to all parts of society with the cooperation of people through health care units and with cooperation and participation of organizations, relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations is part of the effective proceedings that has a great role to promote community's health (Empowering people to identify factors which affect individual and social health and decision-making in choosing health behaviors to gain a healthy life).

The health center of the province has a unique and special situation in Qom University of Medical Sciences. The health center of the province is the crossroad of all health, research, education and therapeutic activities of the university (at all of the community level, city, and village) this center, under the direct supervision of the university's dean and the vice-chancellor of health of the related ministry, is responsible for management and guidance of health projects at the provincial level and protects health projects in variety dimensions regarding to achieve its main purpose which is providing, protecting and promoting the level of all society member’s health in the city and village. In the following, there are some description about structure and main tasks of the center:

Health center presents health services through 37 Urban and Rural Health Centers and about 50 health departments. Supervision and evaluating of the services is through the provincial headquarters.


Health services:

health education and promotion and lifestyle improvement, pregnancy health, pediatric, mothers, healthy delivery, Geriatric health and care, healthy diet, counseling of infectious and behavioral diseases, immunization and vaccination, mental health, prevention and students' health care, oral and dental care and dental services, prevention and care of contagious and non-contagious diseases, job applicants’ Optometry and Audiology, Estimating demands for essential drugs and supply and Distribution of them, Outpatient treatment, control and having supervision on factories and workshops.

Having supervision on collection and disposal of trash and sewage and water resources, control and having supervision on food preparation and distribution centers, public places, educational and research centers, reactional and pilgrimage centers, and improving the environment and attracting partnerships and cooperating with institutions, organizations and inter-departmental offices in line with the health purposes of the region.



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