Izadi Educational Hospital


Hospital’s title: Izadi

Fixed beds: 156

Covered by: Qom University of Medical Sciences

Type of Activity: Health Care

Major of Activity: Gynecology  

Opened: 1958

Ownership: Endowed

Active ambulances: 2

Izadi Educational Hospital was established in 1958 by Mr. Abolqasim Izadi and titled as Specialized Gynecology Center and with 156 ratified beds.  


This center includes the following sections:

  1. Hospitalization: Gynecology – women surgery - Infants – NICU
  2. Paraclinical: Radiology – Mammography – Ultrasound Scan – Lab and pharmacy  
  3. Clinical: Specialized gynecology clinic – Infants – General Surgery – General Practitioner
  4. Operation rooms and Emergency:
  5. Health Units: Family Regulation- Vaccination – Counseling
  6. Administration and Accounting: Office of Medical Records and Documents
  7. Heating and Cooling – Transportation – Laundry and medical equipments


Average childbirth: 570 (per month)

Surgeries: 390

Hospitalized patients: 1560

Emergency cases: 3850

Beds occupied: 91% (approximate)

The center has also cooperated with the Ministry for a project titled as: Health Assessment in Women in Charge of Family, which a checkup was done in the shortest time.  


Contact us:

Address: Taliqani St., next to the gas station

Postal code: 37158 – 88566

Tel: +98 25 37211301