Vice-Presidency for Treatment



Vice-President for Treatment:

Dr. Majid Mohebi




Duties of the Vice-Presidency for Treatment:

  • - Supervising and inspecting the medical and paramedical institutions;

- Responding to complaints and honoring the clients;

- Licensing of medical and paramedical establishments;

- Development and improvement of physical resources;

- Special diseases affairs;

- Preparation and analysis of statistics and therapeutic indexes and reporting;

- Evaluation of academic and non-academic centers;

- Nursing and midwifery affairs;

- Standardization and qualitative improvement of laboratory services.


Guiding and determining the policies of medical and paramedical centers which are under the cover of organizational goals of deputy of health care; providing, maintaining and improving the health of the community. In this regard, the three main goals, quantitative and qualitative development of health services and clients’ satisfaction are the basis of its work. Therefore, this deputy has chosen the emphasis on quality development which also leads to customer satisfaction as its most important principle.


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