Vice-Presidency for Food and Drug



Vice-President for Food and Drug:

Dr. Abbas Tahzibi

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics

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The Vice-Presidency for Food and Drug of Qom university of Medical Sciences tries to provide every single member of the society with maximum essential assurance regarding to safety and healthiness of food, drinks, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals through providing the most appropriate resources, noticing, public education, and having effective persistent supervision on production and distribution with considering Islamic values and utilization of university and seminary researchers’ opinions, so that to become one of the top universities of the country on the basis of performance evaluation at the end of the fourth plan.


Strategic Plan of the Vice-Presidency for Food and Drug:

The Vice-Presidency for Food and Drug of Qom University of Medical Sciences, as one of the executive arms of the university and in line with major strategies of the university, not only is responsible for preparing and promoting health and safety of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, but also does its best to gain customer satisfaction by utilizing committed and competent experts and also by using legal tools and modern technology, along with noticing religious beliefs and values of the society.



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