Vice-Presidency for Education



Vice-President for Education:

Dr. Mahmoud Parham

Professor of Endocrinology & Metabolism

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Director of Education and Graduate Studies:

Dr. Roohollah Fateh

Assistant Professor of Mycology

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Duties of the Vice-Presidency for Education:

- Managing and having supervision on proper execution of all policies, postgraduate education in university and educational procedures and regulations, according to the laws, approvals, related executive regulations with the expansion of postgraduate education approach;

- Planning of educational affairs and postgraduate education with the cooperation of the relevant units and having supervision on proper execution of duties of the dependent units and Implementing the programs and educational activities of each academy and evaluating it and presenting the essential report to the Board of directors;

- Monitoring and evaluating students’ educational performance and faculty members and educational managers of different units in each semester;

- Implementation of short courses of in-service training;

- Planning in order to provide facilities and allocating necessary credit for scientific-educational interaction between university and seminary and also creating a suitable platform to achieve religious science and Islamic sciences;

- Endeavor to hold courses of empowerment and knowledge increasing;

- Evaluating and reviewing the contents of the headlines in order to improve the efficiency of the faculty members of the university and to enhance and improve the value of the curriculum;

- Planning to promote students' scientific and technical skills in order to enter the community;

- Having supervision and evaluating of the implementation process of the Comprehensive Scientific Map of Iran at university in coordination with the Ministry.



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