Public Relations
- Broadcasting latest events, ceremonies, occasions and meetings.
- Making arrangements for publishing adverts related to tenders and auctions, notifying and following up the bills publishing and payment. 
- Broadcasting the latest news and scientific texts made by the Public Relations website. 
- Associating with media and press for making reports in ceremonies and special occasions. 
- Cooperating and supervising in special ceremonies such as praising and rewarding selected staff. 
- Operating and supervising staff inaugural and farewell ceremonies.
- Scanning the press and selecting an abstract relevant to the faculty and the Ministry.
- Publishing and distributing Tanin journal inside the campus and relevant organizations. 
- Granting permission upon providing other state or private organizations with press or media reports about different units and sections supported by the university.
- Associating with the Board of Policy Making in order to notify the press conferences. 
- Cooperating and supervising in setting and operating seminars. 
- Receiving comments and suggestions of the staff via smartphone number. 
- Cooperating and supervising in providing elite students with rewards as well as providing gifts and citation for Doctors Day. 
- Providing a visual report of the ceremony to be uploaded in the website or sent to the relevant section. 
- Associations with the Ministry to execute requested programs. 
- Administering the dean's office requests.
Visual and Audio Unit: 
- Compiling the annual schedule of Public Relations.
- Shooting the meetings and ceremonies to honor the retired, patients and families of martyrs and veterans. 
- Accomplishing other objectives assigned by the management. 
- Creating a visual and audio archive consisting of pictures, cassettes, videos, CDs and slides made in various ceremonies and meetings at university and subordinate centers. 
- Calligraphy, designing, drawing and making adverts, banners, and brochures. 
- Holding the university achievements exhibition and associating in holding students cultural and art exhibitions. 
- Mixing and editing provided videos using new techniques. 
- Repairing and maintaining audio and visual equipment.