Cellular and Molecular Research Center


Cellular and Molecular Research Center of Qom University of Medical Sciences was managed to receive an agreement in principle and formal establishment in 2017 from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. The center hopes to take advantage of the potentials of the faculty and other researchers to demonstrate itself in the future as a leading, creative and authentic center in performing basic and applied research in terms of molecular and cellular basis of diseases. It is also hoped that by training researchers in the field of new technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, genetic therapy, stem cell therapy, etc., the center could be fruitful in advancing the goals of the country’s scientific comprehensive map.



- Preparing grounds for innovation and productivity, as well as attracting skilled human resources in investigating genetics aspects of metabolic and multifactorial diseases in order to observe their epidemiological and statistical aspects;

- Collaborating with other centers  for training the human resources in Cellular and Molecular technices , and holding short-term and long-term workshops;

- Performing basic clinical and epidemiological researches in order to reform health care of country in order to responding of Islamic community necessity;

- Training of human researcher resources in medical and paramedical fields


Academic staff:

Dr. Tahereh Komeili Movahhed, Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine, Head of the CMRS

Dr. Faranak Fallahian, Associate Professor of Clinical Biochemistry

Mrs. Masoumeh Dolati, Instructor of Genetics

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Abdolmohammadi, Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Dr. Hamid Heidari, Assistant Professor of Physiology

Dr. Saeed Shams, Assistant Professor of Bacteriology

Dr. Hoda Abolhasani, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr. Mohammadreza Haeri, Associate Professor of Biochemistry

Dr. Alireza Rezapour-Lactoee, Assistant Professor of Tissue Engineering

Dr. Azam Moslehi, Assistant Professor of Physiology










Contact us:

Address: Alghadir Bolv., Faculty of Medicine, Cellular and Molecular Research Center, Qom, Iran


Tel: +98 25 31971244