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Director of International Affairs:

Dr. Saeed Shams

Assistant Professor of Medical Bacteriology

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One of the fundamental properties of the universities is to improve the level of educational and research activities and also expanding diplomatic relations at the international level. It is very important for the universities to achieve international standards and to engage actively and dynamically at this level. in this situation, entering the international area for the university, professors, students and scholars as country experts is a prelude to opening the doors of Islamic Society of Iran to other nations of the world. International affairs of Qom University of Medical Sciences started its activity under the supervision of Dr. Saeed Shams as the head of International Affairs (introduced by dean of the university Dr. Iranikhah).


Vision and Mission:

- Policy making, planning and coordination of international scientific communication within the framework of the laws of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education;

- Creating a competitive situation for professors and students and improving their self-esteem and also increasing passion, vitality and creativity at the university environment;

- Forming International Affairs Coordination Committee;

- Signing educational, research and technological agreements with other accredited universities and scientific centers;

- Preparing and arranging schedules for visiting of foreign invited professors for meeting, negotiating and determining the fields of scientific cooperation;

- Notifying the news and information of education, research and technology of other countries in the world;

- Developing communication and support for international scientific associations;

- Developing and expanding the export of medicines and medical equipment;

- A systematic relationship with the scientific institutions of Iranian scholars and specialists living abroad;

- Conducting the affairs of the faculty members to attend the international foreign conferences;

- Conducting the affairs of the faculty members to spend study opportunity courses abroad; 

- Introducing the university of medical sciences of Qom to the universities of other countries in order to attract international students and cooperating in exchanging students beyond the countries and to do the necessities for attracting foreign students;

- Promote and expand health tourism;

- Increase of IPD licensed hospitals;

- Participating in international scientific, educational, research and health tourism exhibitions;

- Reviewing and assessing received notifications of foreign conferences and seminars and so forth. Announcing them to the relevant units;

- Assisting in contacting embassies, universities and foreign scientific institutes in order to attract their cooperation in different fields.


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Address: Office of International Affairs, No. 83, Lotfi Shahid Alley, Jahad-e Daneshghahi St., Safashahr St, Qom, Iran