Hazrat Zahra Hospital



This hospital was established in 1982 at the end of Imamzadeh Ibrahim St. and by the deceased Gholamreza Ghadiri Hassan Abad. Observed by Tehran University of Medical Sciences, the center began to work as a maternity hospital in 1983. At first only safe cases of child delivery were referred to this center and the risky cases were transferred to Izadi Hospital. The need to operation rooms was felt more and thus an operation room and female hospitalization section were added. A clinic was next build in front of the hospital and the same system continued till 2000.

In 2000, the female surgery section was transferred to a part built in the second floor of the hospital, this time by Mr. Abolfazl Ghadiri.

As required and mandated by the Ministry’s policies for all hospitals to include an emergency part, the clinic in front of the hospital was turned into an emergency section and then it was decided that the previous female surgery section is used as general surgery section, female internal section, infants sections and ICU. Therefore the center was turned into a general hospital.

Due to inefficiency in part of some, the internal sections as well as the ICU and infants section were closed in 2005. In the same year and as the 9th Cabinet and changes in management system of Qom University of Medical Sciences it was decided that the center continues as a single-specialty hospital for gynecology and infants. Towards this, ICU for infants was developed and expanded and now is the largest NICU in the province.