Kaamkaar-Arab Nia Educational and Medical Center


Kaamkaar-Arab Nia Educational and Medical Center was established in 1964 by two donors, Hosein Kaamkaar (RIP) and HeidarAli Arab-Nia (RIP) in downtown (today Chaahaar Raah-e Baazaar) and was endowed to the Holy Shrine of Lady Fatima al-Ma'suma (a) at 1968. At first, this center was just treating the patients and worked under the Ministry of Health, had 60 active beds and included men’s surgery ward, women’s surgery ward, obstetrics and gynecology ward, emergency department, clinic, pharmacy and diagnostic units of radiology and laboratory. The emergency department gave accident and burn and orthopedics services as well as medical emergency services and had one outpatient operating room. In 1983, the dialysis ward started its activity in this hospital.

The first infectious diseases ward started its work in 1995. Also, the intensive care unit (ICU) started working from 1996. This hospital turned to Kaamkaar-Arab-Nia Medical and Educational Center in 2001. In May 2002, the general surgery and urology operating rooms were ready to be used. In June 2003, the Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) ward started its services to the patients. With regard to implementing the Modern Healthcare System Plan in Iran, and for improving the hospitality services, different wards were rebuilt according to the universal standards.


Hospital wards: 

1. Emergency wards: 

- triage;

- inpatient emergency department;

- outpatient operating room

2. Inpatient wards:

- CCU (Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit);

- ICU (Intensive Care Unit);

- separate internal medicine wards;

- surgery wards;

- infectious diseases wards for men and women


Paraclinical Units:

- laboratory;

- radiology;

- doppler sonography (ESWT);

- pharmacy;

- optometry;

- audiometry;

- endoscopy;

- colonoscopy;


Operating Rooms:

  • - urology;
  • - general surgery;
  • - otolaryngology;
  • - ocular surgery
  • This hospital is the sole medical center equipped with ocular and otolaryngology operating rooms, active in both morning and evening shifts.










Address: Noozdah-e Dey Street, Qom, Iran.

Phone: +98 25 37185000

IVR: +98 25 37703838

Fax:+98 25 37713473

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